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Candle Making Cart

Introducing our newest member of the family: the Candle Making Cart. We roll in, your guests pick a scent, and we whip up a fresh, fragrant candle right before their eyes! Add your logo for the ultimate door gift that's sure to light up your event in style!

Personalised Candles

Get ready to 'scent-sationalize' your gifting game! Our personalised candles crafts the perfect client presents and wedding door gifts. Swing by our studio, choose from 60+ scents, and spice it up with your logo – because memorable moments should smell amazing!

Candle Making Cart

Introducing our Candle Making Cart, a one-of-a-kind experience in Singapore! Watch the magic unfold as we craft candles on the spot for for your guests - a delightful pre-event activity. They'll choose from 12 enticing scents, and in no time, your branded candle is ready to take home as a unique party favor or door gift. Illuminate your event with creativity and personalized fragrances!

Candle Making Cart

Freshly made candles, always

We're not about that pre-made life. With our candle making cart, it's all about the live action. Every candle is crafted right before your eyes at your event, ensuring your guests go home with the freshest soy candles in town.

No more "meh" door gifts

Fed up with dusty door gifts? We're changing the game! Dive into a scent-sational journey where guests become scent connoisseurs. With 8 to 12 options, they'll pick a fragrance they love and will actually use.

Branding, but make it personal!

Sprinkle some personal flair with custom stickers. Guests leave with a unique candle jar, a cherished event gift. Your logo shines in their world with each candle's warm glow, whether it's a wedding, dinner, or any special occasion.

A pre-party before the party

Why wait for the event to begin when you can ignite the excitement early at our candle cart? Order your masterpiece, witness the magic, and let our candles set the scene while you dance. Return post-event for your perfected pre-party indulgence!

Personalised Candles

We’ll help create lasting gifts for your special occasions

Fuel your corporate image with our bulk candle magic! Illuminate business relationships
in style with grand-scale candle-making. Master the art of gifting with us!

Unforgettable Keepsakes

Elevate your special occasions with our exquisite corporate soy candles. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or holiday celebration, our candles are the perfect choice to create cherished memories that your guests will treasure.

Crafted with Care

Crafted with Care

Step into our charming Boon Keng studio and curate your preferred scent. We take pride in the art of hand-pouring each soy candle on-site, using only the finest ingredients—pure soy wax and premium fragrance oils. Your order is a reflection of your unique taste, and our experienced team is here to assist you in choosing the perfect scents for your audience.

Tailored Branding

Tailored Branding

Add a personalized and professional touch to your event. Share your event sticker or logo with us, and we'll expertly print and adorn the candle jars at no additional cost. Whether it's a corporate gathering, festive gift-giving, or wedding favors, our candles will carry your distinctive mark.

Freshness Guaranteed

Freshness Guaranteed

Your guests deserve the freshest scents. We meticulously craft your candles 1-2 weeks before your event, ensuring a delightful olfactory experience. With a burn time of 10-15 hours, our 120g candles become lasting reminders of your special day. Plus, with a minimum order of just 50 candles per scent, we're prepared to cater to all your needs.

Embrace the art of personalized candle creation and make your moments truly unforgettable.
Get in touch with us today to discuss your event and bring the magic of candles to life, leaving
a lasting impression for years to come.

Why Scent Supply Co?

Scent Extravaganza

Make Your Event Memorable with Us! Select our candle crafting expertise for fresh, on-the-spot creations or personalized corporate candles. We're your scent masters, adding a unique touch to every occasion!

Fresher than fresh

We’re all about freshness. Whether at our candle cart or crafting customized candles in our studio, we guarantee every batch is as fresh as it gets.

Your Scent, Your Style

Make it uniquely yours! Customize labels, pick your signature scent, and voila - it's a fragrance masterpiece with your branding on it!

Delivery Magic

We bring the magic right to your doorstep. No hassle, no fuss.Your event, your scents, on your terms!

Scent-sational Professionals

Our scent sorcerers are here to enchant you! Expect a professional touch with a sprinkle of fun. It's not just an event;it's a fragrant adventure!

This is why we’re good at what we do!

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