Signature Build-A-Candle

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Whether you’re looking for a unique way to show your team appreciation, celebrate corporate milestones, or boost morale, our candle making workshops are the perfect medium.


 At our studio | Up to 15 pax

If you don’t have a space to host a workshop, fret not! We have a lovely studio at Boon Keng, Singapore.

 At Client’s Location | Up to 200 pax

We will travel to any location in Singapore as long as you can provide us with a space to conduct the workshops.

What To Expect At Our
Build-A-Candle Workshop


Set Up

Oops don't mind us, the Scent Supply Team will arrive an hour earlier to transform your space into a fragrant wonderland, preparing all the tools and ambiance for your upcoming candle-making adventure.


30mins - 1hr before



Since we're about to embark on a delightful candle-making journey together for the next hour, let's kick things off by getting to know each other. Get ready to dive into the world of fun and creativity!




Blending Fragrance Oils

Dive into the aromatic world of creativity! Craft your signature scent from our carefully curated collection and let your imagination run wild.


10mins - 20mins


Melting Wax and Pouring

Soy wax, being a natural wax, is tricky to use - but fear not. Our experienced team will be your guiding light as your participants try their hand at wax melting.


10mins - 20mins


Decorating Candles

Spice up your candles with a dash of flair at our dried flower and crystal bar - because why should flowers have all the fun?


10mins - 20mins


Candle Care Tips

As your candles cool and take shape, our seasoned instructors will reveal the secret to extending their life, ensuring you enjoy every moment of their warm, fragrant glow.




Pack Up

As we pack up, feel free to continue with your next activity or enjoy some quality bonding time together. Thanks for having us!




Less Than 15 pax

Up to 1 hour

Larger Classes

45 minutes - 1.5 hours

Note: Our classes are completely customisable. If you have a time frame you are working with, please let us know and we will cater our workshop accordingly.


To expedite the candle hardening process, we recommend a cooler room temperature. If the workshop takes place in an office setting, participants can safely bring their candles back to their desks to allow them to harden.

Once the candles have been poured and the workshop concludes, our team will pack up the materials within 30 minutes. 

A power outlet for equipment

Pre-event pictures of the space to help us plan the setup efficiently

Tables for the participants' workstations

If available, a TV or screen to display workshop slides

Our workshops are very customisable!
Here are some of examples of workshops we
have previously conducted:

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