Our Story

And Yes, Its Pretty Unpleasant

It all started with a bad day and a series of uncomfortable events. 

It was Saturday evening, and Nicole was rushing for a dinner and had to take a taxi to get there. She got onto the cab, and the immediate smell of the nauseating car freshener hit her.

During dinner, she headed to the bathroom only to be greeted by an overpowering stench. 

“Gosh, bad smells seem to linger everywhere don’t they?” she thought to herself. 

Fed up with holding her breath and being around these uncomfortable feelings, she wondered - what if there were products that could that could mask and eliminate these bad smells?

With four years of experience in scent creation under her belt, Nicole embarked on a mission to create a range of products that would get rid of bad smells.

She dove headfirst into conducting market research and asking everyone what their common daily scent problems were before experimenting and creating different formulations and ingredients, to find the perfect combination to neutralize even the most stubborn odors.

And that’s what we do here at Scent Supply Co. We want to redefine the way people experience spaces and situations by offering products that eliminate undesirable odors.

Are you ready for it? Join the #NoMoreBadSmells club