To ensure a seamless experience, our dedicated team will arrive at your office or retreat space at least 30 minutes before the scheduled workshop to set up the necessary materials and create a welcoming ambiance.
During the workshop, our trained instructor, accompanied by helpful assistants, will facilitate the class, guiding participants through the creative process of candle making. This ensures that everyone feels supported and can fully engage in the experience.
We will start off the workshop with teaching participants how to wick the candle jar. 

Next, participants will embark on a sensory journey as they explore our extensive range of exquisite fragrance oils. They will have the chance to blend scents, layering fragrances to create a personalized aroma that resonates with their preferences. This creative exercise allows colleagues to reveal their unique personalities and preferences, fostering a deeper understanding and connection within the team.

Under the expert guidance of our instructor, participants will learn the art of melting wax and carefully pouring it into their chosen candle jars. As an optional add-on, vibrant colors can be incorporated to match the selected scents. Delicate dried flowers or even crystals can also be added, elevating the aesthetic appeal of their creations and making them truly unique.

After pouring the candles, they will require some time to harden, typically taking between 30 minutes to 1 hour. During this period, our team will conclude the session by providing a quick overview of candle care tips, ensuring that participants can enjoy their new soy candles to the fullest.

The duration of the workshop will vary depending on the class size:

Fewer than 20 Approximately 30 - 45 minutes
Larger Classes 45 minutes - 1.5 hours

To expedite the candle hardening process, we recommend a cooler room temperature. If the workshop takes place in an office setting, participants can safely bring their candles back to their desks to allow them to harden.

Once the candles have been poured and the workshop concludes, our team will efficiently pack up the materials within 30 minutes. 

Get ready for a collaborative and aromatic experience as your team comes together to create lasting memories with our Build-A-Candle Workshop.


Host a candle making event with us!

Whether it's for team bonding, celebrating milestones, or showing gratitude, the art of candle making will certainly bring creativity and camaraderie to your group setting.

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