Candle Makers Of The Month: Theia Therapy

Candle Makers Of The Month: Theia Therapy

As candle-lovers ourselves, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing and connecting with other local makers who share the same love as us. This month, we are featuring the founders of Theia Therapy to share their unique story.



Read on to find out how a marriage proposal sparked their candle business!

Q: How did Theia Therapy come about?
A: I was planning to propose to my partner, but was unsure how to. After searching high and low for ideas, I realized that there were many candles lying around in her room. This inspired me and I thought, “Why not propose with a candle?”

After some trial and error, the hidden message candle was born. Messages such as “I love you” were hidden inside the candles, which revealed itself as the wax melted.

Many people started recognizing the uniqueness of this idea and asked us to make these candles for them. From this experience, we realized that this could actually be turned into a business.

Today, Theia Therapy stands as an artisanal scent boutique based in Singapore. Our aim is to create magical experiences through our candles. Amongst our scented candle range, we specialize in the personalized hidden message candles that started it all.


Q: What are you most proud of for Theia Therapy?
A: We are proud of being able to differentiate ourselves with our unique offerings. We are also proud of receiving so many customer testimonials that attests to the quality of our products!

Q: What is one thing you want people to know?
A: We hand pour and craft all our candles with love and we are committed to being your partner in every gifting occasion.

Q: What is the future of Theia Therapy?
A: We plan to continue re-inventing everyday gifts and elevating them into truly special experiences that you and your loved ones can enjoy.


Theia Therapy has truly inspired us with their story and is a testament of how unique business ideas can be ignited in surprising and unexpected ways. Do check out their products at their website and follow them on Instagram @theiatherapy.

We are always on a look out to support other candle makers in Singapore and grow the community. Stay tuned for more features in the upcoming months!

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